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Committee Recruitment

Committee recruitment for HealtheX 2023 is now closed.

However, if you have missed out and are keen to be involved please email us at healthex@auckland.ac.nz.


Current Members of the 2023 Committee

HealtheX 2023 Co-Chairs: Conor Nelson and Rebecca Hartley

Secretary: Sophie Piesse

Treasurer: Lauren Carlton

Abstract and Programming Committee Leads: Catriona Miller, Linh Nguyen, and Junwei Li

Judging and Prizing Committee Leads: Vanshika Chinchalkar and Anmol Sandhu

Logistics Committee Leads: Aimee Mills, Judith Glasson, Brittany Hazelgrove, and Erl Carlos

Abstract and Programming Committee Members: Alyona Oryshchuk, Bridget Tsai, Brooke Hawker, Cameron Leakey, Dingchang Shi, Gbohunmi Idowu, Holly Wilson, Jess Kelly, Kim Mizziana Paras, Lance Martinez, Lydia Shim, Michael Alexander Pudjihartono, Queenie Yong, Shatgul Samat, Taria Tane, Thai Nguyen, Thu Thu Win Myint, Tony Sriamporn, Xiaojuan Zhu, and Yongxin Wang.

Logistics Committee Members: Angelica Clarke, Caitlin Jardim, Nicholas Pudjihartono, and Sophie Drummond-Haakman.